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2021 – The Year in Review & Where To for 2022?

The year just ending has been one of the most remarkable ever in Australian real estate.
It has produced outcomes which defied the doomsayers, with price growth that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

And now our thoughts turn to 2022: what can we expect of the year ahead?
Will property prices continue to rise? And, if so, will the growth levels match those of 2021?
Will interest rates rise and does it matter anyway?
Will the re-opening of international borders and an influx of overseas migrants create a second wave of buyer demand?

At this special webinar event on 8 December, Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder facilitated a discussion with our panel of property experts to find answers to these and other questions about prospects for 2022.
Our panel includes investment advisors, buyers agents and mortgage brokers and each brings a perspective informed by years of experience at the coalface of housing markets across Australia.

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