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Affordable Property in A Capital City? Where?

Property prices have grown so substantially in the past two years that you’d be forgiven for thinking your chances of securing something affordably priced within a capital city is now close to zero.

That may be the case in the Sydney and Melbourne markets, but our new 2022 edition of the National Top 5 Cheapies with Prospects city report reveals five capital city precincts where you can buy affordably with good prospects for future capital growth.

The trend we call the exodus to affordable lifestyle is the most powerful force in Australian real estate in the 21st century so far.

It has been under way for several years but it really took hold during Covid – and it’s not just about moving from the city to the country.

We’ve also seen buyers and investors turning their backs on the more expensive bigger capital city markets such as Sydney and Melbourne and bag a relative bargain in the smaller capital cities.

Southern buyers are stampeding toward Brisbane, which still has plenty of suburbs with more affordable prices, in areas with good infrastructure and local employment nodes, and generally offering much more bang for your property buck.

And there are still plenty of suburbs with good price growth prospects within other smaller capital cities where you can actually buy a house in the $200,000s or $300,000s.

Top 5 Cheapies - City

In addition to Brisbane, capital cities like Adelaide and Perth have excellent possibilities for affordable real estate with good growth potential.

The Top 5 Cheapies with Prospects City edition reveals the options where you can buy in the lower price ranges, with plenty of amenity on offer and future property price growth to look forward to.


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