Cheapies with Prospects – City Edition

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Cheapies with Prospects City ed. January 2021 edition out now!

The Cheapies with Prospects are the Ugly Ducklings of city real estate. They’re places with strong potential for capital growth.


Places that offer both affordability and lifestyle are at the forefront of real estate dynamics across Australia at the moment.

First-home buyers comprise the most active cohort in the market – and the first thing that young buyers are seeking is affordability.

If an affordable location also offers good infrastructure and proximity to major employment nodes, then so much the better.

There is another significant cohort in the market – owner-occupiers wanting to exit the inner-city areas, having made the decision to work remotely, and seeking places that offer a different lifestyle at a more affordable price.

For investors, this is news you can use.

Recent research has shown the cheaper areas undergoing gentrification are among the strongest perfomers on price growth in our major cities.
Not all of the cheaper areas have the potential to evolve into real estate swans. But some of them do. The task for property investors is to identify the ones which have reasons to out-perform.

The objective of this report is to make that task easier.
The locations highlighted in this report all have important factors in common:-

  • Highly active real estate markets with growing sales activity;
  • Plenty of houses at affordable prices;
  • Strong infrastructure, both existing and planned; and
  • Proximity to major jobs nodes.
  • Hotspotting regards the combination of affordability, infrastructure and jobs nodes as “the power combination” of real estate investment.
  • The locations featured in this report all have that power combination.

The National Top 5 Cheapies with Prospects: City Edition 2021 provides the guidance you need to buy well – ahead of the boom that’s building across Australia.

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