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Adelaide Market Takes Another Leap Forward On Sales And Prices

The property market in Adelaide has taken another giant step forward.

I’ve just completed the research on sales activity and prices – and it shows that Adelaide continues to build on its recent good performance.

It’s gone from being a steady market to being a boom market – and that makes it a place investors need to consider, because Adelaide offers great value for money and much better rental yields than those available in the bigger capital cities.

In my Autumn 2021 survey three months ago, Adelaide had 93 suburbs with rising sales activity, easily a record in the six years I have been conducting our quarterly surveys.

My new Winter 2021 survey has revealed that there are now 104 suburbs with forward momentum. The past four quarterly surveys have recorded 52 62 93 and 104 suburbs as rising markets, in terms of sales activity, a pattern that shows how much the Adelaide market has advanced.

This is being reflected in price performance. The vast majority of Adelaide suburbs have rising prices and the latest data from CoreLogic shows that Adelaide house prices have increased 13% in the past 12 months – that’s better than Brisbane and Melbourne, and comparable with Sydney.

In the first five months of 2021, Adelaide prices have jumped 8% – and with the big increase in sales activity, that level of growth is expected to continue.

Top 5 Adelaide HotspotsThis week we have published our new edition of the Top 5 Adelaide Hotspots report.

I urge you to get a copy because Adelaide offers a high level of affordability, incredibly low vacancy rates, good rental yields – and great prospects for ongoing capital growth, underpinned by an economy that’s steadily rising.

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