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Top 5 Adelaide Hotspots

Introducing the must-have report for any savvy real estate investor or homebuyer – the Top 5 Adelaide Hotspots for 2024!

Adelaide has been shining bright in the Australian real estate market, and with the nation’s strongest economy backing it up, it’s set to continue its impressive performance.

In 2023, while media attention was focused on Perth’s booming property market, Adelaide quietly took the lead with a 12.7% increase in median house prices and a 13.2% increase in median apartment prices, as reported by national real estate website Domain. And it doesn’t stop there – according to PropTrack, Adelaide ranked second in both house and apartment price growth, doubling the national average.

But this isn’t a one-time occurrence for Adelaide.

In fact, it’s been consistently performing well for the past few years, even when other major cities experienced declines. What sets the Adelaide market apart is its ability to deliver steady growth in various economic climates.

So, what’s driving Adelaide’s success? Three key factors stand out. Firstly, the strong South Australian economy – ranked number one in the country according to CommSec’s State of the States report. When the local economy is thriving, so too does the real estate market.

Secondly, Adelaide‘s affordability compared to other major cities. With a median house price of roughly half that of Sydney and lower than Melbourne, Canberra, and Brisbane, investors and homebuyers can get more bang for their buck in the Adelaide market. And lastly, the incredibly low vacancy rates in Adelaide. While the national vacancy rate sits at 1.1%, Adelaide‘s is just 0.4%, driving up rents and yielding high returns for investors.

Don‘t miss your chance to tap into Adelaide‘s booming real estate market and grab a copy of the Top 5 Adelaide Hotspots Today!

About the report:

The Top 5 Adelaide Hotspots report reveals the five top LGAs or locations in Greater Adelaide where the property market is outperforming and has all the fundamentals in place for continued strong growth.

The report details the demographics of each location, including homeownership, population growth, employment by industry and household composition and provides an analysis of the economy and amenities in each location.

It profiles the property market with detailed tables on median house and unit prices, short-term and long-term growth performance, vacancy rates, rents and yields.

It also outlines the future prospects and development pipeline of each location, where the infrastructure spending is and future job nodes.

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