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Buying In Regional Areas Makes Sense, Now More Than Ever

Many of the best prospects for investors to buy well for future gains lie outside of the big cities.
The best of Regional Australia presents a WIN-WIN-WIN situation, compared to the major cities …

  • Cheaper prices
  • Higher rental yields
  • Great prospects for long-term growth

Many regional centres are less impacted by the virus crisis than our biggest cities. In turbulent times, they offer solidity and safety, as well as value for money and growth.

In this free webinar, Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder discussed  the best prospects for property investment in Regional Australia with buyers’ agent Mark Heritage of Over and Above Property Partners.

They covered:

• Why the best regional areas outperform the big cities.
• The advantages of choosing regional over metro.
• The growth drivers to look for in regional centres.
• The early signs of an investable location.
• The factors to seek at a micro level within a suburb to identify a pot of gold.
• What signs indicate that you’ve missed the best time to buy in a location.
• Do neighbouring suburbs experience the same/similar growth to investable suburbs?
• Which specific regional locations stand out as good place to buy.
• How investors can capitalise on the opportunities emerging in the current climate
• How markets will fare in the second half of 2020.


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