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How To Make $120,000 In A Downturn Year

If you bought a property for $450,000 a year ago and, despite media rhetoric about prices falling everywhere, it was worth $570,000 now, you would be happy, right?

If you made $120,000 in capital gains on a $450,000 outlay, amid the so-called national market downturn of the past 12 months, you would feel satisfied with your decision-making.

How about if you’d bought a property for $620,000 a year ago and it had grown to be worth $755,000 today, regardless of interest rate rises and constantly negative media? You would be happy with a capital gain of $135,000.

That’s the power of the Best Buys report by Hotspotting.

The National Top 10 Best Buys report published early in 2022 selected the Redcliffe Peninsula in Brisbane’s north as the No.1 pick and the regional city of Toowoomba as the No.2 selection.

We’ve examined median prices for typical suburbs in those two locations in early 2022 and compared with early 2023.

The results show exceptional gains at a time when we’ve been told property values were falling – for units as well as houses.

It demonstrates that if you select the right locations, there will be out-performance regardless of the economic disruption swirling in the background.

Here are the typical results for the Redcliffe Peninsula in 12 months:-

Here are the typical results for Toowoomba in 12 months:-

Top 10 Best Buys April 23So, now you have a choice, do you continue to listen to the so-called experts who continue to get it wrong?

Or do you grab yourself a copy of the Best Buys right now and take advantage of the insights that could offer you even better results as markets continue to improve throughout 2023?


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