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National Top 10 Best Buys 2020

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July 2020 Edition OUT NOW! 



One of the big mistakes being made right now by people who think in terms of Australia having a single property market, is that they think that negative impacts from Covid-19 are happening equally everywhere.

The reality is that many locations have navigated their way through the coronavirus shutdown period relatively unscathed.

And, in fact, some locations are doing well – NOT despite Covid-19 but BECAUSE OF Covid-19.

Some locations have local economies well set up to withstand the negative forces of the virus shutdown period.

They’re places where most of their jobs are provided by sectors which are more likely to be hiring than firing during this period.

And they’re places which are spending big on new infrastructure.

Some of them are in our smaller capital cities and others are in key regional centres.

These realities have played a major part in the choices I have made in compiling the new edition of our most popular report, the National Top 10 Best Buys.

This report provides a detailed analysis for each of the Top 10 locations including:

✔ Location profiles

✔ Population & Demographics

✔ Historical real estate data

✔ Local economy & amenities

✔ Upcoming infrastructure and economic projects

✔Future Prospects planned for the area

Background to the Best Buys Report: Each premium report in the stable of publications contains a Top 5 list of locations tipped to out-perform. These places are considered to have growth drivers that will achieve superior capital growth.

The National Top 10 Best Buys are the pick of the crop – the best 10 locations in Australia for property investors seeking capital growth and explains why each demands attention. This report contains over 90 pages of information, analysis and commentary from Australia’s best real estate forecasting team.

To learn the Top 10 future hotspots around the nation, buy the National Top 10 Best Buys 2020 report.

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