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If You’d Acted On Our First Exodus Report …

If You’d Acted On Our First Exodus Report … You May Have Seen 20% to 30% Capital Growth In 12 Months

Imagine buying an investment property for under $350,000 and having it grow by $100,000 in 12 months.

Or spending a little over $500,000 and watching the market add $150,000 to its value within a year.

This has been the outcome of investors who purchased our first Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle: National Top 10 report in October 2020 and bought typical properties in the recommended locations.

A year ago we termed this “the most potent force to impact housing markets nationwide in the 21st Century” and forecast it would generate a national property boom.

Our No.1 pick in that first Exodus report was the Victorian regional city of Bendigo, where most suburbs have achieved price growth above 20% in the past year. The median price for the central suburb of Bendigo has increased 30%, or $140,000, from $395,000 to $535,000 in that time. The suburb of Maiden Gully has zoomed from $515,000 to $665,000, a rise of 28% or $150,000.

Our No.2 pick in our inaugural Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle: National Top 10 report was the Sunshine Coast. In several of its suburbs, median house prices have increased by $250,000 or $300,000 in 12 months. Alexandra Headland is up 31% from $965,000 to $1,275,000, a rise of $310,000, while Sunrise Beach has jumped 30% or $300,000 from $995,000 to $1,295,000. Sunshine Beach has added “only” 16% in the past year, but this has added $290,000 to its median price.

The question for real estate consumers is: Will the growth continue?

The consensus among most analysts is that prices will keep on rising in 2022, although perhaps at lower rates of growth than in 2021 – in some locations, at least.

Exodus to affordable lifestyleWith this in mind, we have just published our new edition of the Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle: National Top 10 report.

This edition introduces a number of new locations to the report, in recognition of the reality that some places have already had massive growth in their prices. To find out where we see further growth in affordable lifestyle locations, get this report – which has quickly become the most sought-after of the forward-looking reports published by Hotspotting.


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