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Look To The Regions For Affordability & Lifestyle

Trends come and go in real estate, but there is one trend I believe is well and truly here to stay – the one I call the Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle.

The trend started several years ago and really picked up pace during Covid as more people discovered they could effectively work from home.

And, that, for more and more people, opened up the possibility of living somewhere affordable with a good lifestyle and without the daily commute.

The Exodus To Affordable Lifestyle is, I believe, the most powerful trend in real estate in the 21st century and I believe it’s a long-term trend.

It wasn’t caused by Covid – it’s fundamentally about affordability, lifestyle and technology – and we will continue to see it play out well into the future, long after the pandemic has been dealt with.

This makes out Hotspotting reports that focus on regional areas particularly important.

The National Top 5 Cheapies with Prospects, Regional edition, identifies five locations within regional areas that perfectly suit the exodus to affordable lifestyle trend for owner occupiers and investors.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find affordable areas that have good prospects and where the prices haven’t gone crazy already.

But we’ve identified some prosperous regional centres, with affordable properties, good lifestyles and prospects for future price growth.

One characteristic of the places we nominate is a diversified economy.

This is essential when buying or investing in a regional centre – we don’t recommend one horse towns, where the economy is driven only by one industry such as mining or tourism.

Cheapies regional 2022So our Cheapies with Prospects regional report has selected locations with diversified economies, have good growth prospects and offer houses in the $200,000s or $300,000s,

So get yourself a copy of the National Top 10 Cheapies with Prospects, Regional edition, and discover five good locations worth considering as investors.


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