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Cheapies with Prospects – Regional Edition

The Cheapies with Prospects are the Ugly Ducklings of city real estate, with strong potential for capital growth. Like the fairytale character, they may be initially undervalued, but can develop into valuable assets over time.

Affordable properties in regional Australia are attracting buyers seeking affordable alternatives to costly cities. Strong markets include cheaper capitals, budget-friendly options in cities, and regions with affordability and lifestyle.

Media reports may claim otherwise, but many regional locations offer solid properties in the $200,000s-$400,000s with potential for growth. Some have outperformed cities in the past 5 years. 5 chosen regions have unique features like growing economies, diverse industries, and major developments, making them promising for investors.

With good infrastructure and growing populations, these regions offer a bright future for property investors.

About the report:

The Top 5 Cheapies with Prospects Regional Edition report reveals the “ugly ducklings” of the property market, those areas which may be considered unappealing but which like the fairy tale will evolve into something impressive.

The report highlights the top five local government areas in Australia’s regions which are poised for a transformation which will see demand lift and investments thrive.

It details the demographics of each LGA, including homeownership, population growth, employment by industry and household composition and provides analysis of the economy and amenity in each location and profiles the property market, with detailed tables on median house and unit prices, short-term and long-term growth performance, vacancy rates, rents and yields.

The report outlines the future prospects of each location, where the infrastructure spending is and future jobs nodes.

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