Cheapies with Prospects – Regional Edition

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September 2021 edition out now!

Property buyers are besieged with media stories about the lack of affordability of Australia real estate.
But there are plenty of options for investors to buy cheap real estate in locations with solid credentials for future growth.


Every Australian with a pulse knows real estate markets are rising across the nation.

And, increasingly, as prices rise and rise, that creates issues of affordability for more and more buyers of all sorts.

The key question for many investors and home buyers is: Where can you buy that still offers good value for money and has good prospects for future growth?

At Hotspotting we seek to answer those questions with the reports we call the Cheapies with Prospects – looking at affordable locations with good prospects for growth in cities and regional areas across the nation.

Australia – outside the capital cities – abounds with regional centres with great future prospects, where you can buy solid properties in the $200,000s and $300,000s.

The National Top 5 Cheapies with Prospects: Regional Edition 2021 provides valuable clues on how to buy affordably and sensibly in a crazy market.

Grab Your Copy Today – or save and get the Cheapies Bundle – City & Regional editions together.

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