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Melbourne & Regional Victoria Continue to Shine

Eighteen months of hard experience has shown us that lockdowns and other restrictions are no barrier to real estate growth in this country.

Melbourne has entered Lockdown 6.0 with its property industry not only resilient but defiant, with busy markets and rising prices right across the metropolitan area.

Meanwhile, Regional Victoria continues to be one of the nation’s strongest markets.

Our latest quarterly survey of sales activity and prices shows that most regional markets remain very strong.

Not only have prices risen in almost every location across the state, but 75% of them have recorded double-digit growth in their median house prices.

In my view, Regional Victoria was the birthplace of the dominant trend in Australian real estate, the Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle.

It started several years ago with Melbourne residents buying in the regions close to the state capital and has since been turbocharged by the pandemic and the multiple lockdowns which have afflicted the city.

Vic Hotspots Bundle

So this week we have published our new Victoria Bundle: the Top 5 Melbourne Hotspots report and the Top 5 Regional Victoria Hotspots report.

Both provide compelling reading.

So get yourself a copy of the Victoria Bundle today and find out the best places to buy in Melbourne and Victoria, as markets continue to rise.


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