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$187.00 incl. GST

The Cheapies with Prospects bundle: $187 – Latest editions OUT NOW!

Don’t miss this Special Offer – two national Top 5 Hotspots reports, normally priced at $242, for our Special Offer price of $187.

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Cheapies with Prospects: City Edition 2020: August  2020 edition OUT NOW!

The “Cheapies with Prospects” locations have become the most important locations in metropolitan real estate. Affordability is the market’s key issue, placing increasing focus on the cheaper areas of our cities.

Buyers continue to focus on locations which may not be their first choice but which provide housing at attainable prices. Research shows that these cheaper areas often show higher capital growth long-term than the so-called “better” suburbs close to the inner city.

The areas we term the Cheapies with Prospects are those that provide affordable housing and strong economic drivers to underpin growth in values. They are the areas with the best potential to evolve from ugly ducklings into real estate swans.

The National Top 5 Cheapies with Prospects: City Edition 2020 explains why these areas are likely to attract the market’s attention and why the nominated areas are worthy of investors’ consideration.

Cheapies with Prospects: Regional Edition 2020: August 2020 edition OUT NOW!

Property buyers are besieged with media stories about the lack of affordability of Australia real estate.
Some articles claim we have the world’s most expensive houses (the research shows that we don’t, but that’s another story). It’s enough to make people give up on property investment.
But there are plenty of options for investors to buy cheap real estate in locations with solid credentials for future growth.
They’re not that hard to find. Regional Australia is full of locations with growth prospects and solid properties in the $200,000s or $300,000s, some with prices well under $200,000.
Some are regional centres and others are country towns. Their points in common are low prices, solid rental returns and potential for price growth.

The National Top 5 Cheapies with Prospects: Regional Edition 2020  is the answer. It provides investors with options to buy affordable homes  in locations with genuine potential for capital growth. These are locations outside the capital cities, mostly in strong regional centres.

These reports present 40+ pages of detailed information and illustration to identify viable options for investors on a small budget.

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