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Regional Housing In Demand

Regional Housing In Demand

Regional housing is in demand with capital city to regional relocations still almost 12% above the pre-COVID average.

And according to the Regional Australia Institute (RAI), a further 3.5 million people have reported a desire to move regionally.

A regional housing summit will be held in Canberra next month to discuss the issues affecting the regional housing market.

RAI CEO Liz Ritchie says Australia’s regional communities are dealing with low vacancy rates and a lack of supply.

She says regional populations will continue to rise as more people seek a more affordable location to live and work.

“The surge in people, combined with strong regional job growth and the role regional Australia will play in the nation’s transition to net zero, are putting pressure on regional housing like never seen before,” she says.

Ritchie says an important consideration is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to housing issues in regional Australia.


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