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Where To Find Rentals

Where To Find Rentals

Tenants are continuing to struggle to find rentals in much of Australia but new data shows where they have a fighting chance.

PropTrack senior economist Eleanor Creagh says since 2021, rental market conditions have tightened considerably in inner-city suburbs, particularly in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

But she says for those who can work from anywhere, there are suburbs with vacancy rates that are much higher than the national vacancy rate of just 1%.

Taylor, north of Canberra has the highest vacancy rate of 14.7% while in NSW tenants will find it easier to secure something in Berridale (9.7%).

On Melbourne’s fringe, the highest vacancy rates are in Eynesbury (5.96%), Queensland mining town Dysart has a vacancy rate of 13%, while in Western Australia, outback town Newman’s vacancy rate is 11.3%.

“Regional renters have since seen more stable market conditions, and in some regions easing conditions as those population flows have reversed,” Creagh says.


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