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Sales Are Rising In Regional Queensland And Prices Are Responding

Recently I researched and wrote a report for the nation’s biggest comparison website Canstar, which was called the Rising Stars report.

The report used a series of metrics to assess all the capital cities and the major regional markets across Australia – and then rank them on their prospects for price growth.

The rankings of the 14 major market jurisdictions around the country found that top 2 markets in Australia are Regional NSW and Regional Queensland.

This confirms our view that the most powerful force impacting Australian real estate at the moment is the Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle, which has resulted in such strong price growth in regional markets.

I believe this will continue to be the case, given the very powerful forces which are driving demand for real estate in regional areas.

Queensland is proving to be the No.1 destination of choice for Australians relocating from the big cities and also for investors seeking affordable properties with good yields and prospects for capital growth.

Top 5 Regional QLD HotspotsSo it’s timely that we have published our new edition of the Top 5 Regional Queensland Hotspots report.

This identifies the locations across the regional areas of the state which offer the key features that investors are seeking –

– A reasonable level of affordability

– Good rental returns

– Good prospects for growth

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