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Top 5 QLD Regional Hotspots

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Regional Queensland Continues to Shine


Mainstream media is full of stories of property markets in decline and prices falling, but there are plenty of exceptions to the situation which, fundamentally, is about corrections in the Sydney and Melbourne markets.

Regional Queensland provides a striking example.

Markets across Regional Queensland are operating at a high level, although some of the former stars like the Sunshine Coast are fading.

Our latest quarterly survey has classified 177 locations as rising or consistency markets, which maintains the high levels we have recorded over the past 18 months.

This means that, despite less vibrancy in major markets like the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, Regional Queensland continues to present numerous strong property markets with high levels of sales activity.

And our price analysis shows there continues to be exceptional value growth in many areas.

So get a copy of the new July 2022 edition of Top 5 Regional Queensland Hotspots report and discover some of the places I expect to be at the forefront of the Australian property boom.

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