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Stop Doing Dumb S**t, People! Understand That Finance Is The Key To Your Investment

There’s a land rush, with buyers stamping their footprint on blocks to use the HomeBuilder grant. First-home buyers are busy, pocketing multiple federal and state incentives. Investors and home-buyers are buying apartments off the plan.

The key questions for real estate are these:
– How many of those actions will convert into settled sales?
– How many young buyers who have put up a $1,000 deposit bond will end up successfully building a new house?
– How many investors will settle their off-the-plan contract?

The great unknown in all this is: will they get finance?

Too many real estate consumers are rushing into real estate deals without first sorting out the most important issue: can I get a loan to complete this transaction?

Award-winning mortgage broker Louise Lucas says her headline message to wannabe buyers is: Stop Doing Dumb S**t!

Before you rush into deals on land, houses and apartments, you need to determine whether you can get a loan to fulfill your ambitions – and if so, how much you can borrow.

This is more critical than ever because banks are making it harder to get loans.

Following the Royal Commission, major lenders tightened up their lending criteria. In the wake of the pandemic, they become even tougher.

There’s a lot consumers need to know and do to avoid serious disappointment.

All this and a lot more is covered in this not-to-be-missed webinar hosted by Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder and featuring Louise Lucas of The Property Education Company.



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