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This time last year we published our National Top Best Buys report for 2021.

Our No.1 pick was the Sunshine Coast.

Anyone who read that report and bought the median-priced property in Coolum would have seen values rise 38% to $990,000 for houses and 45% to $635,000 for apartments. That’s capital gains of $310,000 for houses and $230,000 for apartments – in 12 months.

At Wurtulla, the average house has risen 32% to $845,000 since we published that report, representing a one-year gain of $235,000. At Sunrise Beach, the typical home has grown 45% from $975,000 to $1,520,000 – an extraordinary gain of $545,000 in 12 months.

There are myriad examples across the Sunshine Coast market.

An investment of $187 in this report a year ago unlocked the door to profits exceeding $200,000 and, in some cases, half a million dollars.

The secret to great results in property investment is targeting the right locations.

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