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Australia’s 10 Best Property Locations for 2022

With markets rising – fast – in most markets across Australia, it feels like you could buy anywhere and achieve capital growth.

And that may be true – in the short term.

But sensible investors will be thinking beyond the current frenzy in markets nationwide.

They will be taking a long-term view.

And that means buying in locations that have identifiable drivers of price growth beyond the current nationwide property boom – keeping in mind that some markets, particularly those which started rising BEFORE the nationwide boom, appear to have passed their peaks.

Ultimately, I believe some investors will be disappointed in the long-term performance of their investments, because they haven’t considered their choice of location with sufficient care.

We have just published our latest edition of our most popular report, the National Top 10 Best Buys.

This is the new edition for 2022, focusing on locations I expect to out-perform in the New Year.

In making my choices for the 10 special locations included in this report, I have thought about the factors that will drive capital growth in the long term.

I have sought to target places that are relatively early in the growth cycle.

And I have opted for places which offer a degree of affordability, because I believe that will increasingly be a factor in 2022.

That is why some of the nation’s most high-profile markets are NOT included.

Because they have already had, in some cases, three or four years of strong price growth.

I want the highlight the places that have the potential to do that, but are just getting started on a longer-term growth path.

So grab a copy of our new National Top 10 Best Buys report and find out where to buy in 2022 for growth is sustainable, beyond the current frenzy.


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