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Affordable Locations Primed For Growth? Find Out Where…

The Summer 2021-22 edition of The Price Predictor Index has identified growth locations in every type of market across Australia, but the prominence of affordable precincts in our capital cities is a stand-out feature.

In Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, it’s noteworthy that many of the stand-out precincts are the outer-ring areas targeted by first-home buyers and others chasing affordability.

In Melbourne, outer-ring precincts including the LGAs of Wyndham and Hume are all doing particularly well.

In Brisbane, extraordinary growth is occurring in the affordable precincts like Logan City.

In Perth, the stand-out areas are the outer-ring LGAs such as Wanneroo.

In Adelaide, the numerous growth precincts include the affordable northern LGAs, where most suburbs have rising markets.

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