Price Predictor Index

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Firm evidence that Australia is now immersed in a national property boom.


Every three months we examine sales activity in every suburb and town across Australia.

We do that because sales volumes – the number of sales happening in each location – are a forward indicator of what is likely to happen with property prices.

And right now this proven forward indicator is telling us that property prices are going to rise – a lot.

In the six years that we have been analysing sales data for our quarterly report, The Price Predictor Index, I have never seen such startling figures.

There have been big rises in sales activity in every market jurisdiction across the nation.

In many locations, there have been exponential increases in the number of homes being sold.

This is occurring in most of our capital cities and, in particular, in most of our regional markets.

This massive uplift in the number of property sales is already being reflected in price performance.

In some parts of the nation, virtually every location has recorded growth in median prices in the past 12 months.

The Price Predictor Index has become the most popular report in the stable of products published on the Hotspotting website.

Because it provides vital clues to the locations most likely to experience rising property prices in the near future.

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