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Markets remain strong across most of Australia


An easy way to see where future property price growth is going to occur – or not occur – is to look at transaction numbers.

When sales numbers lift, it means competition for properties is increasing, and what generally flows from that is price growth.

Sales activity numbers are a great forward indicator of what will happen with prices and is actually a much better barometer of what is about to happen in the market than looking at median house price data.

The figures on changes in median prices published by various research companies lag the market – they tell us what has happened, allegedly, in the recent past – but sales volumes provide clues about what will happen to prices in the near future.

I’ve followed transaction data for years and its evident that steady increases in transaction numbers inevitably leads to future price growth.

It’s not immediate, because that increase in buyer activity sometimes takes up to six months to translate to price growth, but it will eventually do so.

And that time lag is a godsend for real estate consumers, because it means they can take action before there is a major change in prices.

In pulling together the data for the Winter 2022 edition of the Price Predictor Index, we can see that sales activity is as strong as ever in many parts of Australia.

So get yourself a copy of the Winter edition of The Price Predictor Index.  It’s a great way to be informed about individual markets right across Australia – and their prospects for 2022 and beyond.

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