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Australia’s National Growth Star

In every edition of The Price Predictor Index, we nominate our “National Growth Star”.

This is the local government area that stands out as the strongest precinct in the nation, based on the number of suburbs with rising sales momentum.

Our choice of the National Growth Star in the Summer 2021-22 edition is a large capital city municipality where all 19 of its suburbs is classified as a rising market – based on the degree of uplift in market activity in the past 12-18 months.

This is a precinct where affordability, good infrastructure and a strong local economy with plenty of jobs is driving record demand for real estate. In some suburbs, sales volumes have tripled in the past year or so.

Price Predictor IndexTo find out the identity of our National Growth Star – and the other top 10 municipalities for price growth prospects in 2022 – get a copy of the new Summer 2021-22 edition of The Price Predictor Index.

It’s a great way to be informed about individual markets right across Australia – and their prospects for 2022.


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