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The Reaching Out Package

The Reaching Out package is for Property Professionals including Real Estate Agents and Buyers Agents. It is designed to help you to market your services to property investors and home buyers. For only $550/month, this package will increase your profits by bringing in new business.

Reaching Out includes five excellent marketing products, delivered to you with your branding, at a cost of $550 per month, including GST. This fee entitles you to freely distribute these newsletters and reports to your customers and clients.

1. The Week in Real Estate  A weekly compilation of the latest real estate news, emphasizing positive events impacting on residential property. This will be emailed to you on Friday each week for distribution to your client database.

2. Australian Property Update  A monthly compilation of real estate articles written by the Hotspotting team. It contains valuable information on investment issues, locations which are out-performing, government decisions which impact on property and market analysis.

3. Getting Started – First Steps to Become a Property Investor. This is a special 80-page report written by Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder, setting out in an easy-to-read format the processes people need to understand to get started as investors.

4. How to Identify Hotspots – the process of identifying the real estate hotspots of the future. This 30-page report, written by Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder, describes the elements investors should seek to pinpoint locations likely to out-perform on capital growth in the future.

5. Custom Location Report – on an area of your choice, this report is an excellent marketing tool for your business and your clients

NB: one month’s notice is required for cancellation of this package.

Watch this short, informative video to learn more about how the REACHING OUT PACKAGE can enhance your business and increase your profitability.

Our customers tell us that the Reaching Out package gives real estate agents and buyers agents the leading edge when selling their services to property buyers. The reports included in the package provide all the up-to-date information needed by real estate professionals to make a good impression with property buyers.

“The Johnson Real Estate Group has been using Terry’s ‘Reaching Out’ package for the last two years. We find it full of great property and investment information. It’s the perfect tool to send via our electronic data base. Worth every cent.” 

“As the owner of a Regional real estate business for almost 40 years I am constantly seeking reliable independent advice on a broader scale to assist and advise our clients and customers. My office constantly uses Terry’s Reaching out Program to keep our clients and customers up to date about the real estate market throughout Australia.” 


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