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Deciding to invest in property can either be a resounding success …. or a major failure.

It all depends on how you go about it.

Our mission at Hotspotting is to give you the information and resources you need to be a SUCCESSFUL property investor.

The following services and resources will enable you to make well-informed decisions about what to buy, where to buy and how to buy.

The Quick Start Guide to the Ryder Property Investment System

This 8 -part program will take you through the basics of becoming a successful property investor.

With worksheets and videos delivered to your inbox, it will take you from “Should I invest in Property” to “I know whether property investment is the right thing for me, at this time”

Strategy Sessions

Sometimes your path to property investment can be more complex – and a personal consultation with Terry is the answer.

A Strategy Session can be valuable whether you are trying to decide if property investment is the right decision for you, if you are struggling to decide what and where to buy, or if you already have one investment property and you want to develop a long-term strategy to build your portfolio.


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We run regular webinars ( generally free) with a range of experts across the property sector.

Replays of these webinars are sent direct to all registrants and are available on our PAST WEBINARS page.

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