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Hotspotting produces a range of National and State-based reports designed to give you the quality, independent research you need to make a well-informed decision on where to buy property in Australia.

Our reports are updated 3 times per year so the data is relevant to your current needs.

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What Our Customers Say…

I started investing in real estate in the mid-nineties with a buy and hold strategy that while not unsuccessful was a bit of a ‘hit and miss’ affair. Not really knowing where to invest I would follow the popular media and writers who in hindsight didn’t really know what they were talking about and whose definition of a hotspot was probably based on little or no research.

I have paid and received a number of premium reports and currently receive the Ryder report. I enjoy reading all reports and they give greater focus to my investing. However, I combined my research with a report written by Terry in the Australian Newspaper. He indicated that Emerald may be a good place to invest, I used this to research further and purchased a property there in January for $332K. It has been recently re-valued (last week) for $380K – $390K. I am also receiving $450 per week in rental.

I have worked with Terry Ryder for 25 years in his capacity as a property researcher and writer. He has always commanded a high level of respect in property circles as a wordsmith, market analyst and communicator – and for his diligent, no-nonsense reporting of the facts. He has a nose for property cycles and growth localities – and an uncanny ability to ask the hard questions and end up with the right story.

I bought investment properties in Queensland and Tasmania based on Terry Ryder’s research. They’ve given me 8% to 9% income yields and substantial value growth. Terry’s research on growth areas is accurate and reliable – and has saved me a huge amount of legwork as an investor.

In 2002 Terry Ryder told me to buy in Tasmania. He said I’d get the high returns I wanted – plus capital growth because that market was about to surge. Terry identified the best places to buy in Tasmania and I’ve certainly never regretted acting on his research. The properties have provided returns around 8% – and doubled in value. More recently I followed Terry’s tip and bought in regional Queensland. The rental growth has been exceptional and I’m getting a 10% income return on the property

Just wanted to say thank you! I have umm-ed and aah-ed about buying your reports for the past few months. I finally bought 4 of them and can’t believe I waited so long. The information is invaluable and for me narrowed down my elusive search for properties that suit my goal, to the point where I was able to find one today and have made an offer – after 12 months of looking! Thanks again, I will sing your praises to whoever will listen.

I have bought three reports prepared by you. I would like to thank you for your time and effort in compiling all this information. I am able to make informed decisions in buying my first investment properties in Melbourne and Adelaide.

As a retired valuer and agent (35 years in a City of Sydney agency) I say thank God somebody has written some sense on the matter of house values.

I have been looking for a property course to undertake for about two years but everywhere I looked I just saw carpetbaggers and snake oil salesman. When Neil Jenman recommended you, I booked in for your course straight away. And I was not disappointed. Thanks for providing independent, plain-speaking, well-researched advice. Invaluable.

Terry Ryder and Hotspotting are in a league of their own and, unlike the many untrustworthy sources in property, this source of information is absolutely sound. Hotspotting should be a checkpoint for any investor, whether new or experienced.

I frequently visit your website, I have bought your reports and I follow you on Twitter. I find what you have to offer very informative and have recommended you to many of my property investor wannabes.

Terry Ryder sits among a very short list of market commentators and analysts whom I’ll actively seek advice from. This is based on his distinguished track record of consistently identifying locations that have outperformed the broader markets in terms of growth.

We recently discovered your website and are very excited to review your reports. We are subscribing to your newsletter as we find your research very helpful.

I am a keen follower of your work and have bought in six places you have recommended.


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