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It’s Time For Investors To Prepare for 2023

More and more credible analysts are suggesting that residential property prices will grow in 2023.

At Hotspotting we certainly believe that most locations will deliver some level of price growth in the coming year.

And we note that Louis Christopher of SQM Research, Simon Pressley of Propertyology and Michael Matusik of Matusik Property Insights all see prices lifting in 2023, though not at those boom levels we saw in 2021.

Even the usually-negative CoreLogic is suggesting that the worst of the decline in the big cities is over, that the pace of price decreases in Sydney and Melbourne is reducing, and that we are most likely to see a return to price growth in 2023.

Being the simplistic creatures that they are, the boffins at CoreLogic seem to think it all rests on what happens with interest rates.

But here at Hotspotting we understand that there are other bigger forces in play – and most of the forward-looking indicators point to prices rising in many parts of Australia in the year ahead.

I’ve been a buyer of real estate in 2022 and right now I’m going with the process of buying again, because I’m confident we will see values rising in 2023 and beyond.

So, how to determine the best places to focus your attention, to take advantage of the growth that’s coming to Australian real estate?

Many of the answers lie in the pages of Hotspotting’s two most popular reports, which are being published now to provide guidance on where you’re likely to find growth.

Our new 2023 edition of National Top 10 Best Buys has just been published and so too has the Summer 2022-23 edition of The Price Predictor Index.

These two very different reports use different methodologies to pinpoint locations poised for growth in the near future.

If you read both, you’ll be well-placed to make good choices on locations to buy in 2023.


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