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They say real estate is very forgiving. The growth it often delivers can cover the mistakes made by buyers, like paying too much or buying in a sub-prime location.

While this can be true, it’s a poor policy to take into the business of property investment.

Far smarter is an approach based on quality research to reveal the best places to buy for sustainable, long-term capital growth.

Research can be time-consuming, but the Hotspotting service is designed to make it easy.

Our two most popular products, the National Top 10 Best Buys report and the Price Predictor Index, provide different perspectives on the best places to target, based on cutting edge research.

The new 2022 edition of the Best Buys report and the Summer 2021-22 edition of The Price Predictor Index are now available.

Get your copies today the provide essential clues on how best to exploit the growth we expect in select markets in 2022.

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