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I generally receive multiple questions from readers every day. More in uncertain times.

I do my best to answer many of these through webinars and social media, however some of you are seeking direction for your own investment strategies – and that demands a longer conversation.
That’s where a Strategy Session with me could be invaluable. This provides a 45 minute one-on-one consultation via Zoom or Skype to discuss your specific circumstances, your goals, your issues and how to make decisions to move forward.
When you are uncertain of how to proceed a conversation with someone with hard-won experience and expertise could make a critical difference.

If you’d like to have that chat, to get answers to your most burning questions about your situation and ideas on how to move forward, BOOK a time now.

And for those of you working on growing your property investment portfolio I offer in-depth one-to-one mentoring.

In my Mentoring Program we meet on a weekly basis over a period of 3-4 months – perhaps longer – and develop a clear and practical strategy to get you from planning to purchase of suitable properties that will help you reach your goals as a property investor.

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