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How $300,000 Investors Made $75,000 In One Year.How $300,000 Investors Made $75,000 In One Year.

If only someone had told you … But we did tell you.

In March 2020, amid the early turmoil caused by the pandemic, we published a Hotspots report recommending the best places to invest in regional Australia.

In that report, we said:

“Regional Australia is the unheralded hero of the property market … Looking beyond the virus crisis, the key factor for  investors relates to the underlying fundamentals. And the best of Regional Australia ticks all of the boxes.”

Most of the locations we recommended in that report a year ago have grown more than 10%. Many have grown 15%. Some have achieved growth above 20%. In 12 months.

Investors who spend $300,000 have made an annual profit of $65,000. Those who invested $350,000 increased their wealth by $75,000 or $95,000. Even a humble purchase of $200,000 earned an extra $50,000.

If you’d followed our advice to buy in Bendigo in Victoria, a $310,000 would now be worth $375,000. In parts of Albury in New South Wales, a $350,000 investment might now have a market value close to $450,000.

In the affordable Latrobe Valley in Victoria, a typical $185,000 purchase in Churchill has gained $40,000 while a $205,000 investment in Moe has grown to $255,000.

Here’s the evidence:-

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Want to replicate that success, in markets that are showing rapid uplift?

Our special reports tell you where to look.

It’s not too late to get on board the boom – our latest reports give you the big picture on Australia’s rising property markets and where you can still buy for future growth.

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