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Australia’s Top Growth Suburbs Revealed!

Australia’s Top Growth Suburbs Revealed!

Where’s the strongest suburb for future price growth in Australia?

What’s the most consistent location for sales activity in the nation and therefore likely to deliver superior price growth?

And what’s the absolute worst place to buy real estate right now?

The answers to all those questions and a whole lot more are revealed in the new Winter edition of The Price Predictor Index.

Now, we publish a lot of great reports with unique insights into property markets across Australia – but this is undoubtedly our best report.

The thing that’s so special about this report is that we do something that no one else does in Australian real estate – we chart trends with sales activity and use that to predict likely future movements in prices.

We apply a rating to every suburb and town in the nation – whether the market is rising, or recovering, or fading, or declining.

Our analysis of this data allows us to pinpoint the locations with the strongest trends in real estate across Australia – the ones most likely to deliver superior price growth.

We also identify the places to avoid, the ones where market trends are negative.

We pinpoint the best clusters of growth suburbs in the nation – the local government areas where suburbs collectively have the most positive trends with buyer demand.

We also identify the winners and losers among the big market jurisdictions – the eight capital cities and six state regional markets.

It’s fair to say that many of the findings will surprise a lot of people.

There is so much priceless market intel in this one report – so, if you buy just one research report this year, this is the one to get – the new Winter edition of The Price Predictor Index.

Grab your copy of the latest Price Predictor Index now!


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