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Price Predictor Index Winter Edition is Out Now!

Price Predictor Index Winter Edition is Out Now!

I’m about to tell you what’s going to happen with property prices this year and I’m going to tell you why.

The information real estate buyers MOST want to know is where to buy for superior capital growth, both in the short term and the long term.

The problem for investors is that the research companies and the media don’t tell us that.

They tell us what’s recently happened with property prices. They inform us about the past.

And while that may be interesting, it doesn’t provide us with the really key information: what will happen with prices in the future.

That’s where Hotspotting comes in. Our proven methodology has a track record of predicting the future successfully and often.

And one of our core techniques is used to create the best of our stable of reports: The Price Predictor Index.

The underlying principle is really simple but wonderfully effective.

We don’t spend our time charting price movements – we devote our resources to following what’s happening with sales volumes – the number of sales in each location and whether they’re rising, flatlining or falling.

History tells us that sales activity is a forward indicator of what will happen with prices.

And the new Winter edition of the report provides important clues about which markets are rising and which ones are falling.

Here are some of the key pieces of market intelligence that our new analysis provides:-

  • The Perth boom has likely peaked and we urge caution for the many investors diving into this market after three years of big price growth.
  • Melbourne prices will perform a lot better in 2024 than they did in the past two years.
  • Some of the regional markets have stepped up as likely national leaders on price growth in the next 12 months. They include places like the Wollongong region, including in particular the Shoalhaven LGA; Gladstone in Central Queensland; and Albury-Wodonga at the Victoria-NSW border.
  • Smaller capital cities which have been weak lately are showing solid signs of recovery and will do better in the next year, including Canberra and Darwin.
  • Some of the iconic markets which had spectacular booms up to 2022 and have been in a correction phase since then, are now showing signs of moving into their next up-cycle. They include Byron Bay, the Sunshine Coast and the Mornington Peninsula.
  • Other former boom markets that look to be heading into another period of growth include Albury-Wodonga, Ballarat and Bendigo in Victoria, Hervey Bay in Queensland and Launceston in Tasmania.
  • Apartment markets in good locations in our biggest cities continue to attract buyers in large numbers with improved capital growth performance – Sydney City and the Inner West nearby are among the stand-outs.

The Winter edition of The Price Predictor Index has other priceless intel – including the National Top 50 Supercharged Suburbs list, the 50 most consistent growth markets in the nation, the 10 leading local government areas in Australia and the 50 worst declining markets, the ones to avoid. 

From these lists, we nominate the No.1 best supercharged suburb, the nation’s most consistent location which is delivering big price growth – and the worst place to buy right now.

And, if you want to know what they are, you’ll need to get a copy of the report.

Grab your copy of the latest Price Predictor Index now!


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