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Top 5 Melbourne Hotspots 2020:

Melbourne markets have held up better than most against the forces of Covid-19. The number of growth markets has dropped but remains at solid levels – and prices have continued to perform well.
Our Autumn 2020 survey of sales activity found 69 suburbs with rising sales demand, the highest in three years. Our new Winter 2020 survey has identified 32 growth suburbs, so the number has halved, but remains higher than previous surveys since the previous peak in early 2017.

The data suggests Melbourne markets have been resilient price-wise in the Covid-19 period, despite the fall in sales activity which is reflected in our Winter 2020 survey of sales volumes across Melbourne.
In the circumstances, a result of 32 suburbs with growing sales activity is a solid performance and is better than all the quarterly surveys of 2018 and 2019, when the Melbourne market was having its post-boom correction.

Discover the locations that are proving most resilient in the new edition of Top 5 Melbourne Hotspots 2020.

Top 5 Victoria Regional Hotspots 2020:

Covid-19 Has Enhanced Top Regional Victoria Markets

The media would have us believe that all property markets have taken a hit from the Covid-19 period, but some markets have thrived – and Regional Victoria is a prime example.
One of the biggest clues to whether a market has been negatively impacted or not lies in vacancy rates. Some market precincts, particularly those where apartments dominate such as inner-city Melbourne, have experienced a big blow-out in vacancy rates.
But in key regional centres in Victoria, vacancy rates remain at very low levels.
There are two basic reasons why these places are doing well …
Their economies are well set-up to withstand the impacts of the virus phase, and
The virus shutdown period, which forced many people to work from home, has boosted the already-significant trend of Australians relocating from the city to regional areas and working remotely.
For these reasons, Regional Victoria remains one of the nation’s leading markets, especially on price performance.

This edition of the Top 5 Victoria Regional Hotspots gives you the pick of the crop – plus the data to explain why these locations are thriving and the growth drivers that will continue to push them into the future.

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