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NSW Hotspots Bundle: Two reports for one price of $187!

Get our latest Top 5 Sydney Hotspots and Top 5 NSW Regional Hotspots together and SAVE!


The Right Places To Buy Now in Sydney

Sydney is a very big city. There are over 700 suburbs in the Greater Sydney Area.

Some, right now, are places to avoid, because of the impacts of Covid-19. But others are thriving. Because of their specific local qualities, they are great places to buy – right now.

And we have just published our new FY20-21 edition of the Top 5 Sydney Hotspots report to highlight where those places are and why we rate them highly in the current climate.

Here’s an example.

One of the best ways to gauge how well or how badly a market is handling the pandemic period is to look at vacancy rates. Vacancies have soared in some locations, such as the Sydney CBD, which they now top 15%. But in the Sutherland LGA in Sydney’s south, vacancy rates were low before the pandemic struck and they remain low. Most of the postcodes in The Shire, as it’s generally known, are well below 2%.

To learn more, and to discover the other locations we like in the current climate, grab a copy today.

Regional NSW Set To Emerge Strongly From The Virus Shutdown

Many locations across Regional New South Wales entered the virus shutdown period with rising property markets – and the best of them are well set-up to perform well in the recovery phase.

The key question for Hotspotting in preparing this report is: which of these locations is best situated to withstand the impacts of the virus shutdown and emerge strongly on the other side.
We think the answer relates to the make-up of the local economy, the level of vacancies and the degree of spending on infrastructure.

Those markets with good momentum before the shutdown, with strong and diverse economies, and  low vacancy rates are well-placed to handle the virus impacts and emerge strongly on the other side.

This report highlights five locations where investors can buy affordably, achieve good rental yields and look forward for solid growth over time.

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