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Sales Activity Picks Up, As Recovery In Perth Market Gathers Pace


One market which presents particularly good opportunities in the post-covid environment is Perth.

During that recent period since 2013/2014, when Sydney and Melbourne were having their booms, Perth was in downturn, due to local economic conditions.

Coming in 2020 the Perth was showing definite signs of recovery. The local economy was growing again and vacancies in the residential property market had dropped significantly.

Sales activity was rising and we were seeing the first evidence of a return to price growth.

So, now, amid the virus crisis, that recovery will inevitably pause.

But the underlying fundamentals are good.

And all this means that Perth presents opportunities for investors able to think longer-term, which is the mindset all investors should have.

There will be opportunities to buy well ahead of future growth – always remembering that Perth’s history is one of strong growth in its economy, population and property market.

In my new 2020 edition of Top 5 Perth Hotspots, I highlight the locations that present the best opportunities to buy well with prospects for future growth.

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