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July  2020 edition out now!

Brisbane Emerges from Shutdown with Growth Prospects Intact


Brisbane was poised for growth early in 2020 and is now emerging strongly from the Covid-19 shutdown phase with its prospects intact.

The key element set to drive the Brisbane economy and property market is the infrastructure spend.
Brisbane did not experience the property booms that happened in Melbourne and Sydney from 2013 to 2018 – and the fundamental difference was the level of infrastructure projects. The two biggest cities had been spending big on infrastructure, notably transport links, while Brisbane was spending little.
But that is now changing and there are multiple projects under way across Brisbane with more in the pipeline. The desire by federal and state leaders to stimulate economies by fast-tracking infrastructure spending will enhance the busy construction phase that Brisbane is now entering.
Multi-billion-dollar infrastructure projects are huge generators of economic activity and employment, while adding to the appeal of the city. This translates inevitably into stronger demand for homes.

A noticeable feature of the Australian real estate landscape at present is that cities and regional areas that have handled the pandemic well and are virus-free have busier property markets, helped by stronger community sentiment than in the cities that are more visibly impacted by the pandemic.
At the time of writing, Brisbane and Queensland are relatively virus-free and local economies are steadily re-opening.
Brisbane also benefits from the affordability comparison with the biggest cities. The exodus to affordable lifestyle is one of the over-riding trends in Australian real estate and South-East Queensland is the national leader on population growth from interstate migration.
All these factors suggest Brisbane is approaching a period of sustained growth in its real estate markets.

Our latest Top 5 Brisbane Hotspots include the areas that we have identified as those with the best prospects for returns and future capital growth. These recommendations are based on exhaustive analysis of the data and Terry Ryder’s 35+ years of experience as a property analyst.

Discover Terry’s recommendations in the Top 5 Brisbane Hotspots.

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