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March 2020 edition out now!

Brisbane Poised To (At Last) Fulfill Forecasts Of Strong Price Growth


The Brisbane market is showing meaningful improvement and appears ready for a long overdue boom. Every statistic that matters depicts uplift in the market and prices are expected to rise in 2020.
Many commentators have forecast a Brisbane boom in recent years, though many were simply assuming that Brisbane would follow the lead of Melbourne and Sydney. Brisbane, however, has lacked the core growth drivers that boosted the two biggest cities.
But, increasingly, growth parameters are lining up for Brisbane. Population data is favourable, the affordability comparison is helpful, surveyed investors say they are targeting Brisbane – and the major piece of the puzzle previously missing, infrastructure spending, is starting to happen.
We have commented in the past: “Brisbane is like a car where the engine is revving but it can’t move forward because the handbrake is on.” Perhaps the handbrake has been released – a growing number of analysts are tipping good price growth in Brisbane this year and we tend to agree.
Hotspotting’s Autumn 2020 survey of sales activity reveals 37 suburbs with rising demand, the second best result for Brisbane in the past three years – and almost double the number six months earlier.
Vacancy rates continue to improve and 43% of suburbs have had annual growth in their median prices, including double-digit uplift in some areas.

Our latest Top 5 Brisbane Hotspots include the areas that we have identified as those with the best prospects for returns and future capital growth. These recommendations are based on exhaustive analysis of the data and Terry Ryder’s 35+ years of experience as a property analyst.

Discover Terry’s recommendations in the Top 5 Brisbane Hotspots.

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