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March 2022 edition out now

Brisbane’s Prospects Remain Strong


This edition of the Top 5 Brisbane Hotspots report occurs at a time of crisis in the Greater Brisbane Area.
The extraordinary weather experienced in the last week of February has brought devastating floods and revived memories of the 2011 event.
People have lost their lives and many more have lost their homes or their livelihoods.
Extreme weather events are an inescapable part of living in Australia. And as Brisbane and other parts of eastern Australia deal with this latest disaster, we’re seeing instances of heroism and indomitable spirit.
There will be a massive recovery effort and that will likely engender an economic boom as governments, businesses and individuals spend to renovate and rebuild.

The property market will be part of the revival.

The Brisbane market may take a short-term hit, but it will be relatively brief. We saw that after the 2011 flood, with Brisbane showing steady growth in the five years following that event.
Brisbane has considerable momentum as it builds towards the 2032 Olympics and it will recover fast in overcoming the personal tragedies and financial hardships caused by this new floods crisis.

Overall, the prospects for the Brisbane market are strong.

CoreLogic figures show Brisbane has been the national leader on price growth in the past year, with Brisbane house prices growing a whopping 32%.

2022 was already shaping up to achieve similar solid results with the median house price increasing by 2.5% in January which was again higher than anywhere else in the country.
Even the unit market is starting to fire again, after years of oversupply and falling property values.
Apartments prices increased 14% last year and have already risen another 1.4% in January – once again higher than any other capital city.

Brisbane now has a 10-year horizon – it will continue to be a growth market as it heads towards the 2032 Olympics – keeping in mind that the biggest impact of an Olympics comes in the years leading up to the event

The new edition of our Top 5 Brisbane Hotspots report is essential reading for anyone thinking of getting into the Brisbane market.
It outlines the particular locations we think are worthy of special attention, as Brisbane embarks on its 10-year property boom.

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