Top 5 NSW Regional Hotspots

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Strong Price Performance Persists Amid Growing Sales Activity

September 2021 edition out now


The regional areas of NSW abound with growth markets, as big city residents continue to target affordable lifestyle areas. Most locations are delivering big price rises.

There are 181 suburbs and towns throughout Regional NSW with rising sales momentum, which equates to 61% of locations.

Markets throughout Regional NSW are delivering exceptional price growth, from major regional centres like Newcastle and Wollongong to small rural towns like Glen Innes and Cootamundra.

Virtually every town or suburb through Regional NSW (97%) has recorded growth in their median house prices in the past 12 months and in the most recent quarter. Two-thirds have had annual growth above 10%. Only seven of the locations analysed in this report have failed to record growth in the past year.

There is spectacular growth right across NSW, but locations close to Sydney stand out.

So, against this background, we have just published our new edition of the Top 5 Regional NSW Hotspots report.

It outlines five key regional centres in the state which offer affordability and lifestyle – and have great prospects for capital growth in the short-term but more importantly in the long-term as well.

So get yourself a copy of the report and find out our picks for the best places to target as investors in Regional NSW.

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