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EOFY Special Bundle

Buy the latest Price Predictor Index plus the National Top 10 Positive Cashflow Hotspots reports together and save.

There are two things that property buyers want to know most urgently: where are prices most likely to rise in the near future – and where can you get affordable property with yields high enough to cover rising borrowing costs.

At Hotspotting we’re catering for those two primary motivations with two new research reports which are tailored for the times – and we’re providing them together in a Bundle as an EOFY special offer.


Price Predictor IndexPrice Predictor Index – Winter 2023 ed.

The most comprehensive analysis of Australia’s Property Markets

Our analysis for the Winter edition of the Price Predictor Index is that:

  •  20% of locations across Australia are rising or recovering markets
  • 22% are consistent markets with steady buyer demand
  • around 17% are places where sales activity remains in decline
  • 39% are plateau markets, where the local market remains slighly below previous peaks.

It is clear that different scenarios are present in various parts of Australia.

Therefore, investors and real estate professionals must be able to identify the locations that are set for growth, and those that are reliable and stable investments.

The Price Predictor Index shows you how to find those places.


National Top 10 Positive Cashflow HotspotsNational Top 10 Positive Cashflow Hotspots

10 National Locations where investors can realistically hope to find positive cashflow investments, while also achieving good capital growth.

Following the multiple interest rate rises of the past year, more and more property investors are seeking to buy in places that offer high rental yields.

The good news is that, even with significantly higher interest rates, if you select the right locations you can find properties with rental yields high enough to cover all your costs of ownership.

And you can achieve this without high-risk strategies like buying in mining towns.

To cater for this growing demand from investors seeking positive cashflow in a high-interest-rate environment, we have created a new report:

The National Top 10 Positive Cashflow Hotspots.

  • These are locations that deliver high yields, while still maintaining strong prospects for capital growth – without high risk.
  • It uncovers the most promising real estate markets with maximum cash flow potential and strong prospects of capital growth.
  • This report goes beyond the industry standard metric and examines the complete picture of what investors should be looking out for when assessing locations for return on investment.


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