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QLD Hotspots Bundle

Brisbane and Queensland are among the biggest targets for property investors in 2023 – and for very good reasons. In many respects, when it comes to the key factors that drive real estate markets forward, all roads lead to Queensland.

Investors seeking the best place to put their money want to see a strong economy, they want to know that the population is growing, that big money is being spent on new infrastructure and that there is growing focus on the region they’re targeting.

They also want real estate that’s affordable, where demand from tenants is strong and rents are growing, and in many cases in the current climate they want above average rental yields.

Queensland and its state capital tick all those boxes.

With strong population growth, big infrastructure spending and the prospect of the 2032 Olympics, the Brisbane property market is expected to outperform many of its capital city counterparts.

One of the best ways to be sure that a property market will be a good performer long-term is to confirm that it’s under-pinned by a strong local economy.

I believe property markets are local in nature and that the strength or otherwise of property markets depends largely on events in their local economies.

So we at Hotspotting are always interested in the economic activity that’s happening in the background, in assessing property markets.

  • Is the local economy strong and diversified?
  • Is the local economy creating jobs?
  • Is the population growing?
  • Is there investment in infrastructure happening and/or in planning?

If the answer to all those questions is yes, then there’s a good possibility that the local market you’re looking at will produce growth in its property prices.

Regional Queensland has a significant number of large regional cities with growth economies and big infrastructure spends – but which also offer attractively affordable house prices and higher yields to compensate for rising interest rates.

So our Queensland Bundle is an information product designed for the times.

It includes the latest editions of our Top 5 Brisbane Hotspots and Top 5 Regional Queensland Hotspots reports.

You can buy them separately or you can save by buying them together in the Queensland Bundle.

But whichever one you choose, do it today.

Normal Price for the two Qld reports: $374

Special Offer Price: $299. SAVE: $75

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