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Get the latest editions of the Top 5 Brisbane Hotspots and Top 5 Regional Queensland Hotspots in one bundle and save $55.




Top 5 Brisbane Hotspots 2020/21

The Brisbane market has shrugged off the impacts of the pandemic and is in its strongest position to generate price growth for five years. This is starting to translate increasingly into evidence of uplift in property values.

Our analysis of sales activity across the Brisbane metropolitan area has identified 56 suburbs with rising momentum, the highest number since late in 2015 and double the number identified in our quarterly survey six months ago.

The numbers show an all-round improvement in the Brisbane market, with a sharp reduction in the number of declining suburbs and a reduction also in the number of danger markets.

Our analysis of price trends across the Brisbane metropolitan area shows that most suburbs have recorded house price growth in the last 12 months, but an even higher percentage have had growth in the most recent quarter.

This again shows that the city has done well through the pandemic period.

Our latest Top 5 Brisbane Hotspots include the areas that we have identified as those with the best prospects for returns and future capital growth. These recommendations are based on exhaustive analysis of the data and Terry Ryder’s 35+ years of experience as a property analyst.

Top 5 QLD Regional Hotspots 2020/21

This is the strongest Regional Queensland market in the six years we have been conducting our quarterly surveys of sales activity and prices.

The number of rising markets is the highest recorded, by a considerable margin, and property values are growing.
We have identified 72 locations with rising sales activity, a remarkable result in the year of the pandemic. Locations across the state are benefiting from the Exodus to Affordable Lifestyle and/or the improvement in the resources sector. Vacancies are ultra low in most of these places.

Markets across Regional Queensland are performing well on price growth: almost three-quarters of locations across Regional Queensland have had annual growth in their median house prices and a similar number of towns and suburbs have had uplift in the most recent quarter.

Want to find out more?

Our latest Top 5 Queensland Regional Hotspots 2020/21 report delivers Terry’s recommendations on where to buy properties in Queensland in the coming year.

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